Wood Doors

Security Door provides a full line of standard and custom architectural wood doors for new and retrofit construction projects in the commercial, industrial and institutional markets.  Our wood doors are offered in a wide variety of different veneers, cuts and finishes with solid core construction of either particleboard, engineered composite lumber, stave lumber, hollow or fire core.


Our wood doors come in several different veneers, cuts and finishes that are sure to meet your needs.  Whether the doors are to be finished or unfinished birch, oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, etc. veneer, we are able to compliment any request that is asked for.


Natural Birch Commercial Wood Doors   White Birch Commercial Wood Doors   Red Oak Commercial Wood Doors   White Maple Commercial Wood Doors   Cherry Commercial Wood Doors

   Natural Birch              White Birch              Red Oak             White Maple             Cherry


Just like our hollow metal doors, several specialty options are available for our wood doors which include:

  • Bullet Resistant
  • Lead Lined
  • High Pressure Laminate
  • STC
  • And More!


All of our wood type doors are available in a selection of styles and designs.  Whether the door is to be full flush or it is to contain glass, we here at Security Door have what you are looking for.  Other style and design options that we offer include louvered doors, paneled doors, stile & rail doors, sliding doors, pocket doors, dutch doors and more!