Special Doors

Along with our hollow metal doors and wood doors, Security Door is able to provide numerous other types of doors for new and retrofit construction projects in the commercial, industrial and institutional markets.  These special types include but are not limited to:    



Available in many different styles, colors and designs, Acrovyn doors are able to hold up to constant abuse with their durable acrylic-polymer material and radiused edges.


Stainless Steel

With face skins available in a range of gauges, Stainless Steel doors are most commonly used in pharmaceutical, sanitation and water treatment plants.



Offering trouble-free performance and long-lasting beauty, FRP doors can withstand heavy traffic, abuse and adverse environmental conditions without ever rusting, cracking or splitting.


Eliason Traffic

Available in many sizes, styles and decor options, Eliason double-action impact traffic doors are easily installed and are supplied with surface mounted hardware. 



Whether hollow metal, wood or one of the special types above, a swinging or sliding automatic feature provides strength, beauty and technology to the door.