Hollow Metal Frames & Borrowed Lites

Security Door provides a full line of standard and custom drywall and masonry hollow metal frames for new and retrofit construction projects in the commercial, industrial and institutional markets.   Our hollow metal frames are formed from commercial quality cold rolled steel or optional hot-dipped galvanized steel and can be constructed as knock down (K.D.) field assembled type or welded unit type.  All hollow metal frames are handed and can be constructed of either 16-gauge or 14-gauge steel.  


To help complete your new or existing opening, several custom frame options are available which include:


  • Sidelite Frame
  • Transom Frame
  • Cased Open Frame
  • Double Egress Frame
  • And More!


Along with our hollow metal frames, hollow metal borrowed lites are available in various sizes and shapes.  A borrowed lite is a frame which functions as a fixed window.  Typically borrowed lite frames are constructed as welded.